Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Mankind 7"


Their last full record as a functioning band. Another 10 song ep with a nod to DYS scratched into the matrix. A little different from slave but not that different. It's impossible to do a comprehensive breakdown of pressing info because the limited sleeves were made in unknown quantities and different ones keep turning up. Not to mention the different colored sleeves, multiple label variations, and the endless mish mash of swirled and marbled vinyl. For this post I will only cover the draw blank originals. I'll get into the deep six repress sometime in the future. Thanks to Kyle, Colin, Robert, LB, & Infestguy for info and photos.

Test Press 10 Copies

Here's some pics of tests. According to Infestguy the draw blank tests have off white/ beige labels, and the deep six tests have white labels. Below are my two tests which adhere to that reasoning but they are really close in color.

Press 500
For the longest time i thought the 500 press was the 2nd press. I was wrong. The band pressed 500 first, then used that money to do a repress of 1500. The first pressing has white labels with red print and comes in an over sized b&w sleeve. They should all have a 5.5" x 8.5" insert printed vertically with a thick black border around it.

Press 1,500

Second pressing has white labels with black print, and the same over sized sleeve. Only difference is the number on the back. The insert is now printed horizontally and there is no border.

LTD Clear Vinyl

How many were pressed? No one really knows. I've heard 50, 60, 90, 100. I think its closer to 60 because it barely ever pops up for sale. To make it even harder to obtain it was split between 3 band members and each of them made up their own covers for it. How many of each of those were made? Dave used to say limited to 5 copies in his auctions, but i've heard 3 copies of others... So what is out there waiting for you to drop a months worth of wages on? Well there is the elvis sleeve, the break the chain sleeve (in 3 colors), the live color photo sleeve, the live black and white photo sleeve, the la riot sleeve, the horse sleeve, original photo sleeve, black sleeve with logo (more?)... There are also clear copies that come in the normal sleeve. To push it over the edge a little more, there are clear copies with black labels and with red labels. Then to make your head explode there are some swirl copies out there that look like a purplish mix of the black and clear vinyl (i should note this is not an entire press. Its most likely a handful that came between the clear and black vinyl, and probably looks completely black unless held up to a bright light). And what's worse is i don't own ANY of them. Again being a cheapo comes back to bite me in the ass. If anyone out there is feeling generous and wants to GIVE me a copy i would happily accept. I will also trade or buy so get in touch if you are looking to set your copy free. The one at the bottom with 2 different sleeves comes from the all knowing Infestguy. Before he sent me those pics no one in the peanut gallery had seen either of those sleeves, so there could be a bunch of others out there. Collect em all, i dare you.


  1. i like how Nemesis is listed as a big-money record label on that flier.

  2. pretty sure nemesis was owned by cargo records. If not owned they at least pressed and distributed a bunch of their titles. In 93 cargo signed a deal with MCA.

  3. So to make it clear. The first pressing comes only in one version (sleeve / wax) whilst all the billions of versoins of sleeve / was is all from the second pressing?

  4. missed this comment for a few months, oops. Yeah that would appear to be the case. Since the clear copies come with both black and red labels it would make sense that those came after the 1st and maybe 2nd press. The limited covers were probably mostly made in the mid to late 90's when dave was selling his records.