Sunday, March 25, 2012


SAH -01

Press 1000 Blue Vinyl Flexi

The infamous 90's label Slap A Ham kicks off with this wacky 8" blue vinyl live flexi. Not much to say here, 1000 pressed, all on blue, no test pressings. Nice beefy live recording from gilman street.

The only thing to note is that some time in the late 90's Chris Dodge sold some on his mailorder list. I think he called it the "closet press" because, well, he found a stack in his closet. There were around 20 copies and he numbered these over 1,000 because he couldn't remember if these were extra copies and didnt want to repeat any numbers.

Euro Bootleg - Press 1000

Europen bootleg with cartoon cover. What weirdo put this out and decided to change the cover art to this?! Really weird choice to cut up the logo into 3 2 letter blocks as well. Hand numbered on the insert, scratched out matrix.

Repress Slap A Ham 1 1/2

In 2000 this was repressed on hard vinyl with additional songs. The Infest side went from 5 to 8.

Test Press 6 Copies

No sleeve, just a plain white label test in a white dust sleeve. One was sold a few years back and had sah 1 1/2 handwritten on the dust sleeve. "Need" one of these if anyone is selling or trading.

Mailorder Blue Vinyl 200, 1300 on black.

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