Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slave Repress

Draw Blank Repress DB-04

These were done in the early 90's in a batch of 100 to finance a larger press that never happened. Useless tidbit, all the us pressings are missing the "scary stories" sample before sick-o. A little jab at OTD in the matrix regarding the 2nd press they did. Comes in a foldover sleeve with front and back art glued on. The back picture is hand numbered in the lower right corner. Labels and insert are different from the deep six press. A few of these sold on ebay recently. Until those copies showed up the only person i knew who had one was Infest superfan Clint Chapman (i lucked out and got that copy in a trade we did a few years ago.)

Original cut and past front and back covers, and the original cardstock photo that was photocopied.

Test Press ??? Copies

This was sold on ebay a few years ago and almost hit $700.

100 Grey Vinyl

Deep Six DS-09 / Draw Blank

This record finally sees a widely available pressing. From all accounts the OTD slave lp was impossible to find in the late 80's early 90's but these were everywhere until the early 00's. I used to order these all the time and probably sold 30+ copies in the tiny shop i worked at. All deep six pressings use the same plates as the draw blank press. I'm not 100% sure what the order of release was, everything below is from my own hazy memory.

 Test Press ??? copies

Deep six/ drawblank repress tests exist. One just sold for almost $500.

Red copies have red head labels, black copies have black head labels on both sides. I've seen people sell them as error pressings but thats total bs. I've had a couple of red and black copies and they all had head labels on both sides. The first copies i ordered at the store were all black. A few months later i bought a used copy from a secondhand mail order for $4 it was on red. I remember hearing red was the first deep six press.

There is a scrap vinyl press. This is pressed with leftover vinyl scraps the plant has laying around so it comes on unlimited variations of swirly/ marbled vinyl. Anything listed as pink, grey, purple etc is most likely from the same press. Pretty sure these all have the black head labels.

The white vinyl is the only color i have seen with a bunch of label variations. They all have 1 red head label, and the other side has various labels that seem to be leftover from the repress mankind 7". Live photos, blank, people in stocks, and maybe more.

Green vinyl is definitely the last pressing. I remember getting these in and then reordering and they were always out of stock. These have hand labels on both sides. Discogs says there are green marble copies but i don't think that is factual. Some of these have green inserts.

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