Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Man's Slave LP


I remember chilling in a parking lot in 2002, at a late summer show in NJ and finding out the Deadalive distro had copies of the mythical 2nd Infest lp available. I had already ordered it from the label but i did the same as a bunch of others. I bought the lp and proceeded to listen to it 3 times in a row when i got home from the show at 3am. When the music kicked in after the opening sample I was FLOORED. I was not expecting it to be that good given the few demo quality tracks that had popped up on various comps in the years leading up to this release. Instead what blasted from my speakers were 19 songs that matched or even surpassed the older material. The 1995 session people doubted they would ever hear had been remixed, revamped, and given some newly recorded vocals in 2000. It was everything you loved about the old stuff plus more. Maximum RnR even reviewed this multiple times in the same issue, it was that good. Another nod to the Boston wolfpack scratched into the matrix.

??? Test Press

Never saw one. Most likely all at D6 Headquarters.

100 Mailorder Color Vinyl

100 Copies on various shades of blue. Some copies are bright solid blue, some are baby blue, and some are marbled blue vinyl with yellow swirls. I ordered mine the second i found out it was available and got the swirl copy below.

First Press White Background w/ Black #

Repress White Labels w/ Green & Red Print

From what i remember these showed up later when i was reordering copies for the store i worked at. Not sure what order they were released but they come after the labels above.

Re-master / Re-plate

??? Test Press

Copies that have the black background w/ white # were the last pressing of this lp. It looks like the plates broke or were lost and they needed to have a new master cut. The matrix now has lyrics from The Temptations/ Undisputed Truth, and the songs on the b side are spread out more than on the original plates. It doesn't really sound different to me. Maybe the drums sound a little punchier.

UPDATE JAN 03 2017 : A new level of stupidity has been unlocked. I just got a copy of NMS that has the black background with white # labels (until now only found paired with the remastered plates), but its pressed using the original plates. This could be a copy that was run off before the plates broke, or just like all things deep six and Tootsie Pops, the world may never know.

Initium style neurosis.

This was given to me by my buddy Cooch over at Painkiller Records. Its barely noticeable unless you look really hard under a bright light. This copy, from the last pressing, has some red and white streaks. The whole lp has a hazy grey tint. If you see a copy of NMS used somewhere you might want to give it a good looking over. Its possible there might be some grey marble copies floating around out there. Break out your jewelers loupe, its really dark and was hard enough trying to photograph it with dust, fingerprints, and reflections.

Mysterious Yellow Vinyl

There are 100 copies on yellow vinyl that were pressed back in 2002 at the same time as the blue copies. These are supposed to come in a yellow jacket with yellow insert. None have been sold. Maybe they will be available for the 10th anniversary of its release this summer. Matt just posted a photo of a yellow copy online today (the same day this was set to list on the blog)

UPDATE NOV 2016 : 50 Joe copies have finally been set free over the last year or two. Housed in a 3 color, screen printed hitler/sinatra cover, hand numbered with special inserts. If you want one... BIG BUCKS. The other 50 copies are still neatly tucked away next to a broken hose and some garden gnomes.


  1. Doubt your theory about the Red and Green print center labels being a repress... I got this record for my distro right when it was released and afa I remember I received these instantly.
    It might be more like that they made like a thousand copies with black print, a thousand with red print etc as a first press, don't you think?

  2. My friend ordered right when it was released, he requested one black and one blue & both have the white labels with black print. Also the color vinyl copies all have white labels with black print which would indicate they came first.