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The euro pressing of the full 18 song session from 1988. Put out by two guys in Switzerland; Thomas, and Erich on their label Off The Disk. The white stripe on the cover is a printing error and was corrected in the second press. This is where the limited variations really take off. There's lots of speculation, wild rumors, and downright lies in auction descriptions about how many of each color were pressed. I'll outline the standard colors below as well as some ultra nerdery. All copies should have a yellow and black insert. If its black and white its a photocopy. A few weeks ago i shot a message to Thomas after he sold a blank white label test (for $909!!). This is right from him word for word. So unless you worked at the plant and can check invoices from 1988 here are the exact numbers set in virtual stone...
I’ve found the old papers from the pressing plant in my basement.
Here are the correct number of pieces of the Infest pressings:

1st Press
- 15 copies Test Press
- 822 copies black wax
- 101 copies orange wax (some people mean gold or yellow)
- 100 copies violet wax (some people mean pink or purple)
- 4 copies mix colored wax

2nd press
- 12 copies Test Press (most of these copies were for friends + distribution for free)
- 450 copies blue wax
- 450 copies green wax
- 105 copies one side blue / other side green
- 17 copies mix colored, swirrl wax

I don’t remember how many copies of the tests came with green or blank white labels.
I think the most were with the blank white label.
Both tests came with green and white blank labels and looks lik
e the same.

Test Press 15 Copies

Green label tests rarely pop up. When i bought mine from Erich he told me all the original tests had green labels. In some old emails Thomas said there were 8 with green labels and 4 with white. Band members only had green label tests so that would point to all original tests having green labels. Apparently the weird light green labels with "P" printed on them are the backside of labels this plant used. (As of 3/2014 there are 6 green label tests out there that i know of). Photo of mine...

2 are sitting in so cal collecting dust in a top secret location. This is a pic of a test i found sitting on discogs with some extra goodies. 2nd photo is a test that showed up for sale at sorry state records in early 2014 and sold with the quickness...

My copy comes in a handmade jacket & dust sleeve. It also has a label layout sheet with a letter from the printer. Then we have Joe D's copy that was sold a few years ago...

205 LTD Mailorder Color Vinyl

These should come with a large color poster, stickers, and a megawimp insert.

4 Mixed Colored Vinyl

When i bought my test Erich offered me a bunch of other rare colors. Among them was a black/ purple swirl vinyl copy. I turned them all down and only bought the test. Ah to be young and cheap. The photo he sent me is lost in a sea of 1's and 0's but it was drastically different from the pink copies.

Just came across this in a secret vault in so cal. Color is dark opaque pinkish/ purple with black swirls.

101 Yellow / Orange / Amber/ Gold Vinyl

You may see this listed as any of these colors because of the various tints that happen during normal record pressing. There is not a breakdown of tints so if someone is telling you there are exactly 18 on pure yellow vinyl tell them to suck a lemon. The copies i have are amber/ almost orange and straight gold (splitting hairs). I only noticed this after i picked up a second copy for trade. I haven't seen one of these up on ebay since the Infest boom started and prices went into horror territory.

100 Pink Vinyl

There are NOT 20 on pink which seems to be a common misconception. Again there are some variations in this color. My friend and i compared our copies and his was hot dayglo pink, while mine is pink with a few streaks of yellow. You can see the different colors in the photo taken by fellow Infest madman Kyle when he owned 2 copies. Again people are holding these tight, last one that is archived sold in 2006.

822 Black Vinyl

No poster, the standard pressing.


Cover has been corrected with a black border around the photo. No Poster. Green vinyl copies have blue labels. Blue vinyl copies have green labels. Split color copies have 1 green and 1 blue label. This is where the Infest / OTD beef started. I guess the band was not notified that there was going to be a second press in 1991. They quickly followed with a draw blank press limited to 100 copies, then the standard press on deep six Check that info HERE.

Test Press 12 Copies

These seem to pop up quite often. I got mine from Thomas. There are about 15 copies that can be accounted for so far. Its recently come up that there may be a lot more than 12-15 copies, and more like 70-100. The 1st photo found on discogs recently may . If anyone has a black vinyl copy in a black 2nd press cover send me a message, i got some questions maybe you can help me answer.

105 or 122 LTD Split Color Vinyl

Not quite sure where the 17 swirl vinyl copies belong. Apparently they made this by taking 2 color vinyl sheets and pressing them together instead of the standard hockey puck style of pressing. What you are left with is a really cool piece of vinyl. One side is blue, the other side is toothpaste green (the most common combination). I've seen people list sides as brown, white, blue, dark green, toothpaste, and there are probably more. All 3 of the copies I have are blue on 1 side, on the other side 1 is a really cool greenish yellow swirl, the other 2 are very pale green almost white.

This copy is owned by Nate Wilson. One side green, the other white swirl. Check out his blogs Life But How To Live It & True Punk & Metal...

The Hunters personal copy...

Some toothpaste/ blue copies...

450 Opaque Electric Blue Vinyl

450 Clear Green Vinyl

2010 Bootleg

This was recently booted to look just like the original but you can find information on how to spot a fake detailed by Erich from OTD here... Good music for bad times Without even checking the matrix or cover finish a black vinyl copy with a poster its probably gonna be a boot. They are all over ebay right now so keep your 1 good eye peeled. This also sounds like complete dogshit. The high end only comes out of one speaker and overall its pretty muffled.

Supposed LTD Cover of 100. Complete shit.

Boot is on greyish blue paper, original is bright blue. Text on the boot is slightly blurry and the K in Disk is missing what looks like © above the "side one (other side!)" text.

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