Thursday, May 16, 2013

Days Turn Black 7"

Drawblank #16

The wait is over. The leftovers of the leftovers have finally surfaced. 4 unreleased songs that sat for 18 years on the original nms tapes have now been released. A short 1 sided 7" with 3 originals (1 very short instrumental) and the long rumored Negative Approach cover that was supposed to be on the reproach comp ugly pop records put out. The first press was available at MDF & Chaos in Tejas.  If this blog has shown you anything there will be variations.

23 Test pressings w/Lazagna Leftovers Sleeve

1 On Black Eye colored vinyl

112 Purple vinyl with black streak

1250 on black vinyl with black labels

2nd Press 568 w/ Red Label on a side


  1. Can you please give me info about when the store will be up and the web address please

  2. watch the blog i will list it here a bit before i put them up for sale.

  3. Will there be restocks of the shirts as well?

  4. no the shirts are only whats leftover from MDF. i don't have any other sizes or designs.