Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mankind Repress


This has to be their most widely available record. The original press was 2000 copies and there must be a few thousand of this repress out there, not to mention it was later pressed on 10". The first repress had a very light grey cardstock sleeve with the deep six info added on the back. They are all on clear blue vinyl with leftover draw blank labels. Some of them have red a side labels / black b side labels, and others have black a side labels / red b side labels. So theres 2 variations for you to track down. Looks just like an original except for the bottom right back corner. All mankind 7"s were pressed using the same plates, or at least plates made off the same mother.

After that there are 6 sleeve colors. Red was the first of these and most/ all came with clear yellow vinyl. Then i think it was orange, blue, green, brown, and purple. The last 3 are really oversized and annoyingly stick out on all sides making sure the edges of the sleeve get trashed. There are karate labels, live photo labels, fetus labels, and stocks labels. Vinyl color is every swirl/ marble color under the sun. Its endless. Not sure of the breakdown but it seems like the live and karate labels are early pressings, and the fetus and stocks labels came near the middle/end. Or it could all just be random using up left over labels and sleeves. I've acquired about 16 different variations over the years, picking them up whenever i come across one for a few bucks.


This bootleg popped up from euroland in the last few years. Supposedly the red cover is limited and hand numbered. There must only be a few hundred copies because they didn't turn up anywhere. Pretty pointless.


  1. This european bootleg (bottom pic) came out in the mid 90s when the record was not officially available anymore. There were supposed to be 30 copies with red cover and 500 with black cover, all on blue vinyl.
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  2. Mankind was readily available from deepsix in the mid 90's at least in the us. I ordered it wholesale all the time for the store i worked at. Also discogs information is wrong many times so should be taken with a grain of salt.

  3. Deep Six Records Cat.# of the Mankind 7" reissue is DS-03