Monday, April 9, 2012

Live on KXLU LP


Nice quality live radio set from July 1, 1991. It might be their only release with ZERO variations, or at least none that i've ever heard about. All pressed on black vinyl, all in the same glossy jacket, all with white labels, all with lyrics to nothing's changed printed on the inside of the jacket. Another nod to DYS scratched into the matrix (are we seeing a theme yet?) At the time this was released a bunch of the songs were unreleased. I think the recording is a bit stale and the guitar lacks a lot of the crunch other live sets have. Being packed into a room the size of a closet makes it a little hard to get into playing. This was probably put out as a response to the "how they poison the young" 10" bootleg that came out a few months before this was released. Release date on discogs is 2001 but the tests have may 1999 listed.

UPDATE 7/14/13 A small amount of copies just surfaced that have matte covers. These were supposed to be used for a color vinyl press that never happened. Now paired up with black vinyl and sold at Destroy LA.

Test Press 6-10(?) Copies

Comes in a plain white DJ jacket, catalog number hand written on the labels. 2 copies of this were sold on ebay by someone who bought truckloads of test pressings from a plant that closed. Deep Six and band members probably have all the other copies.

Standard Press

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