Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In the beginning there was nothing...Then God said let there be brutality.

Shall we start at the beginning? Before Infest, some members were kicking around in the bands Open Your Mind, F.Y.I., and Death Dose. OYM recorded 2 demos but the sound is a far cry from the razor sharp hardcore that was coming down the pipe. F.Y.I. was mentioned in an old interview as sounding like SOA. Death Dose supposedly has some rehearsal tapes and sound like a more metallic Infest. Of course i wouldn't hold my breath waiting to hear these. If only Infestguy would return from the murky depths of the internet and toss us mortals some scraps to feed our ears, and video clips for us to feast our eyes. Infestguy we miss you...

The original demo was your usual diy affair. Colored paper covers and hand written tape labels on the finest cassettes lurking in the audiophile section at the local VONS, with some even sporting a yellow and black printed logo sticker, slick and professional. Some copies have a 2 sided lyric insert. A bunch are missing this insert so its possible they didn't all have them or they were just lost over the years. According to second hand information from a rock solid source (ebay description) Dave Ring told the seller there were 100 copies of the original tape. Seems like the light brown/ tan paper is the most common. Below are some various photos and scans of original demos. There are definitely variations out there; just check out the 2 different lyric sheets posted here. Got a variation? Send in a pic or add to the comments section. If anyone out there decides they no longer need their copy i'm you're man. One of the few things i do not have and "NEED".

There are bootlegs out there. They were mostly kicking around in the 90's and look very similar to originals. B&W photocopy sleeve and the tapes are obviously 90's designs. I got mine from Poison Planet Tapes and its on some terrible brightly colored Memorex DBS tape.

The copy below is interesting. It has an added panel on the right (skull with BSU tape distro logo) and appears to be numbered below the song titles. Someone says they purchased a copy from this distro in 1989. Not sure if it was Ok'd by the band to print up some copies or already being booted. Either way if you see one like this its not the original band released edition.

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