Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Full Discography

Below is a list of everything i can think of that's out there, somewhere. Of course there may be some other bootlegs kicking around europe but none that i remember seeing listed anywhere. The bootlegs range from pretty cool at the time they came out (how they poison their young) to completely worthless pieces of shit (2010 boot of slave). It is really unfortunate that every one of their official releases is currently out of print. Makes it easy for the bootleggers to run wild. I plan to cover most if not all of the records below in this blog at some point. Stay tuned...

Official Releases

1987 Demo Tape (20 songs)
1988 S/T (aka Machismo / Where’s The Unity) 7” (10 songs)
1988 Slave MLP (18 songs)
1989/90 Infest / PHC split 8” Flexi (5 songs)
1991 Mankind 7” (10 songs)
2000 Infest / PHC split 7” reissue (8 songs)
2001 Live KXLU LP (18 songs)
2002 No Mans Slave (19 songs)
2006 Mankind 10” (14 songs)
2013 Days Turn Black (4 songs)


1989? Whats The Point? Tape Comp (3 songs from demo)
1989/90? Open Your Eyes Vol 2 Tape Comp (3 songs from demo)
1990 BLLEEAAUURRGGHH The Record 7” (1 song –why don’t you…renamed big mouth on mankind 10")
1992 Apocalyptic Convulsions 10” (2 songs –the world is dead, nothing left inside)
1993 Fear Of Smell LP (1 song –nothing’s changed)
1996 Reality #2 LP (1 song –cold inside alt version)
1999 Reality #3 LP (1 song –dead at birth)
Suburban Voice Dangerously Unstable Comp CD (1 song -peace test alt version named behind this tongue on nms)


Still Fighting Discography CD
3 Sided 2x7”
1987 Demo 7” (w/ live photo)
How They Poison Their Young 10”
Machismo 7”
Mankind 7”
PHC split 7” w/ cartoon cover
Not Over Yet 7”
1987 Demo LP
Slave, Mankind + Rehearsal Tracks LP
Not Over Yet 7” (live photo cover)
2010 Slave LP (w/ original cover art & poster)
Break The Chain Discography Cass from italy
1987 Demo Cass
Pretty much every t shirt you have ever seen
Infest Poster/ Stickers/ T Shirt included in OTD Box Set

Time for HARDCORE!!

Now that's a fucking show!! Below is a link to a photobucket folder i put together with all the scans of various flyers i've found over the years. Some of them are nice high quality scans (thanks timmy, jack, and clint). Others look like dog shit. I don't collect physical copies of original flyers because as cool as some of them are i can enjoy a digital scan as much as i could enjoy a ratty stained piece of paper thats 25 years old. Please send in nice high res scans of any flyers i don't have or any i have in abysmal -42 dpi quality. Anything sent in will be added to the archive.

Updated 3/6/2012 (3 new flyers added)


Monday, February 27, 2012


For hours, days, years i've talked to fellow Infest fan boys, band members, and friends ad nauseam about pressing info, color vinyl, and rare versions of their records. Despite this band being one of the all time greats in the realm of brutality, there is scant information on the web about them. There are more bootlegs with their name on em than there are official releases. Hopefully this blog will take some of the mystery out of what is what, what came when, and how many were made. Any and all submissions can be sent to my email: random colors, limited sleeves, flyer scans, etc etc would be greatly appreciated. Lets close this first post out with an amazing description from an old ebay auction. A review doesn't get any better than this...

"US HC killer. Only released in Switzerland. All in all, only 1,000 copies of this original first pressing in several different vinyl colors were made. This one was born in black vinyl. 18 tracks, 18 killers. This cracker is for true believers and not for children. You are bidding on the ultra-fast and brilliant FULL-OF-HATE shocker Slave by legendary US Hardcore/Crustcore/Brutalcore band INFEST. This old-school classic will knock your head off. Mixing the insane power of maniacs, INFEST left most others looking like they were playing in slow motion. Here’s the complete track listing of this outstanding and masterful HATEBREED KILLER.."