Monday, April 30, 2012

Apocalyptic Convulsions 10" COMP.


Ax/ction Records presents this full on minced up grinder of a comp. Lots of other early 90's killers on this. Insanely detailed and gory art by Morbid Mark. All of these are on grey marble vinyl, 1,500 total. The limited version includes a 7" with 4 additional songs, 3 by bands not on the 10". I think there were 500 of those. This has 2 Infest tracks originally listed as (untitled) and later reissued on the mankind 10" as the world is dead and nothing left inside.

Sunday, April 29, 2012



Another classic release by Slap A Ham. It features a ton of greats jam packed on a single 7" 41 bands blasting out 64 songs! It has 1 really short Infest song, why don't you, which was later reissued on the mankind 10" as big mouth. It also features Neanderthal, and Mouthfart (Matt Domino side projects). I think the first press came in a booklet sleeve and on various colors of vinyl. 6 test pressings. The insert is where i swiped the name of this blog from. Thanks to Jack Neolithic for the idea to use it and the header bar. Get at him if you need some design done.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Open Your Eyes Tape 2 COMP.

Open Your Eyes was a zine from Seattle done by the singer of Brotherhood. There were 3 issues but i think only 2 tape comps. The tapes featured a nice selection of forgotten nobodys and well known bands from the late 80's; brotherhood, turning point, breakaway, insted, no for an answer, trip 6, our gang, unit pride, infest and more. The infest songs are right from the demo.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Whats The Point Tape COMP.

This comp was released by Mosh Frog Productions and comes with a zine. The guy who put this out went on to do Mankind Records in the late 90's. Features 3 tracks from the demo; screwed, machismo, and where's the unity? Thanks to Takashi Kita for the insert scan!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mankind Repress


This has to be their most widely available record. The original press was 2000 copies and there must be a few thousand of this repress out there, not to mention it was later pressed on 10". The first repress had a very light grey cardstock sleeve with the deep six info added on the back. They are all on clear blue vinyl with leftover draw blank labels. Some of them have red a side labels / black b side labels, and others have black a side labels / red b side labels. So theres 2 variations for you to track down. Looks just like an original except for the bottom right back corner. All mankind 7"s were pressed using the same plates, or at least plates made off the same mother.

After that there are 6 sleeve colors. Red was the first of these and most/ all came with clear yellow vinyl. Then i think it was orange, blue, green, brown, and purple. The last 3 are really oversized and annoyingly stick out on all sides making sure the edges of the sleeve get trashed. There are karate labels, live photo labels, fetus labels, and stocks labels. Vinyl color is every swirl/ marble color under the sun. Its endless. Not sure of the breakdown but it seems like the live and karate labels are early pressings, and the fetus and stocks labels came near the middle/end. Or it could all just be random using up left over labels and sleeves. I've acquired about 16 different variations over the years, picking them up whenever i come across one for a few bucks.


This bootleg popped up from euroland in the last few years. Supposedly the red cover is limited and hand numbered. There must only be a few hundred copies because they didn't turn up anywhere. Pretty pointless.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slave Repress

Draw Blank Repress DB-04

These were done in the early 90's in a batch of 100 to finance a larger press that never happened. Useless tidbit, all the us pressings are missing the "scary stories" sample before sick-o. A little jab at OTD in the matrix regarding the 2nd press they did. Comes in a foldover sleeve with front and back art glued on. The back picture is hand numbered in the lower right corner. Labels and insert are different from the deep six press. A few of these sold on ebay recently. Until those copies showed up the only person i knew who had one was Infest superfan Clint Chapman (i lucked out and got that copy in a trade we did a few years ago.)

Original cut and past front and back covers, and the original cardstock photo that was photocopied.

Test Press ??? Copies

This was sold on ebay a few years ago and almost hit $700.

100 Grey Vinyl

Deep Six DS-09 / Draw Blank

This record finally sees a widely available pressing. From all accounts the OTD slave lp was impossible to find in the late 80's early 90's but these were everywhere until the early 00's. I used to order these all the time and probably sold 30+ copies in the tiny shop i worked at. All deep six pressings use the same plates as the draw blank press. I'm not 100% sure what the order of release was, everything below is from my own hazy memory.

 Test Press ??? copies

Deep six/ drawblank repress tests exist. One just sold for almost $500.

Red copies have red head labels, black copies have black head labels on both sides. I've seen people sell them as error pressings but thats total bs. I've had a couple of red and black copies and they all had head labels on both sides. The first copies i ordered at the store were all black. A few months later i bought a used copy from a secondhand mail order for $4 it was on red. I remember hearing red was the first deep six press.

There is a scrap vinyl press. This is pressed with leftover vinyl scraps the plant has laying around so it comes on unlimited variations of swirly/ marbled vinyl. Anything listed as pink, grey, purple etc is most likely from the same press. Pretty sure these all have the black head labels.

The white vinyl is the only color i have seen with a bunch of label variations. They all have 1 red head label, and the other side has various labels that seem to be leftover from the repress mankind 7". Live photos, blank, people in stocks, and maybe more.

Green vinyl is definitely the last pressing. I remember getting these in and then reordering and they were always out of stock. These have hand labels on both sides. Discogs says there are green marble copies but i don't think that is factual. Some of these have green inserts.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mankind 10"

Here's a nice and easy one to keep track of. The last official release (so far) from the winter of 2006. This is a reissue of the 10 song 7" with 4 additional comp tracks from bleeauurgh, fear of smell, & apocalyptic convulsions. No DYS lyrics in the matrix this time. (update 4/24/12) Just picked up a second white copy and noticed a variation. My original copies have a small 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" photocopied insert with only the mankind songs on it. The same insert that came in the mankind 7" deep six did. This copy has an 8" x 8" printed cardstock insert and has lyrics to nothing's changed added.

??? Test Press

Never saw one. Most likely all with the band.

98 White Vinyl

I've seen a few for sale with black streaks in them.

Black Vinyl

Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Man's Slave LP


I remember chilling in a parking lot in 2002, at a late summer show in NJ and finding out the Deadalive distro had copies of the mythical 2nd Infest lp available. I had already ordered it from the label but i did the same as a bunch of others. I bought the lp and proceeded to listen to it 3 times in a row when i got home from the show at 3am. When the music kicked in after the opening sample I was FLOORED. I was not expecting it to be that good given the few demo quality tracks that had popped up on various comps in the years leading up to this release. Instead what blasted from my speakers were 19 songs that matched or even surpassed the older material. The 1995 session people doubted they would ever hear had been remixed, revamped, and given some newly recorded vocals in 2000. It was everything you loved about the old stuff plus more. Maximum RnR even reviewed this multiple times in the same issue, it was that good. Another nod to the Boston wolfpack scratched into the matrix.

??? Test Press

Never saw one. Most likely all at D6 Headquarters.

100 Mailorder Color Vinyl

100 Copies on various shades of blue. Some copies are bright solid blue, some are baby blue, and some are marbled blue vinyl with yellow swirls. I ordered mine the second i found out it was available and got the swirl copy below.

First Press White Background w/ Black #

Repress White Labels w/ Green & Red Print

From what i remember these showed up later when i was reordering copies for the store i worked at. Not sure what order they were released but they come after the labels above.

Re-master / Re-plate

??? Test Press

Copies that have the black background w/ white # were the last pressing of this lp. It looks like the plates broke or were lost and they needed to have a new master cut. The matrix now has lyrics from The Temptations/ Undisputed Truth, and the songs on the b side are spread out more than on the original plates. It doesn't really sound different to me. Maybe the drums sound a little punchier.

UPDATE JAN 03 2017 : A new level of stupidity has been unlocked. I just got a copy of NMS that has the black background with white # labels (until now only found paired with the remastered plates), but its pressed using the original plates. This could be a copy that was run off before the plates broke, or just like all things deep six and Tootsie Pops, the world may never know.

Initium style neurosis.

This was given to me by my buddy Cooch over at Painkiller Records. Its barely noticeable unless you look really hard under a bright light. This copy, from the last pressing, has some red and white streaks. The whole lp has a hazy grey tint. If you see a copy of NMS used somewhere you might want to give it a good looking over. Its possible there might be some grey marble copies floating around out there. Break out your jewelers loupe, its really dark and was hard enough trying to photograph it with dust, fingerprints, and reflections.

Mysterious Yellow Vinyl

There are 100 copies on yellow vinyl that were pressed back in 2002 at the same time as the blue copies. These are supposed to come in a yellow jacket with yellow insert. None have been sold. Maybe they will be available for the 10th anniversary of its release this summer. Matt just posted a photo of a yellow copy online today (the same day this was set to list on the blog)

UPDATE NOV 2016 : 50 Joe copies have finally been set free over the last year or two. Housed in a 3 color, screen printed hitler/sinatra cover, hand numbered with special inserts. If you want one... BIG BUCKS. The other 50 copies are still neatly tucked away next to a broken hose and some garden gnomes.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Terminal Nation

Vietcong prisoner captured during Cape Batangan battle, under guard, w. eyes & mouth taped shut, awaiting transfer to US POW compound. Photo by Paul Schutzer

Monday, April 9, 2012

Live on KXLU LP


Nice quality live radio set from July 1, 1991. It might be their only release with ZERO variations, or at least none that i've ever heard about. All pressed on black vinyl, all in the same glossy jacket, all with white labels, all with lyrics to nothing's changed printed on the inside of the jacket. Another nod to DYS scratched into the matrix (are we seeing a theme yet?) At the time this was released a bunch of the songs were unreleased. I think the recording is a bit stale and the guitar lacks a lot of the crunch other live sets have. Being packed into a room the size of a closet makes it a little hard to get into playing. This was probably put out as a response to the "how they poison the young" 10" bootleg that came out a few months before this was released. Release date on discogs is 2001 but the tests have may 1999 listed.

UPDATE 7/14/13 A small amount of copies just surfaced that have matte covers. These were supposed to be used for a color vinyl press that never happened. Now paired up with black vinyl and sold at Destroy LA.

Test Press 6-10(?) Copies

Comes in a plain white DJ jacket, catalog number hand written on the labels. 2 copies of this were sold on ebay by someone who bought truckloads of test pressings from a plant that closed. Deep Six and band members probably have all the other copies.

Standard Press