Monday, May 14, 2012

Still Fighting CD BOOT

No label.

This was a great release before you could actively download everything in seconds. All the hard to find records together on one low priced cd. I loved playing this cd at work because it was really long and had lots of shitty sounding rehearsals at the end that would really drive people nuts after it had been blasting for 45 minutes. This was a fairly comprehensive discography missing the fear of smell and bleearrgh comp tracks. These numbskulls put slave AND machismo on this right after each other!! I think the demo tracks are taken from the 1987 demo 7" and the not over yet 7". The original press has a yellow and black printed disc. Later on these were all over the place with poorly copied art and various stamped cdr's. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Complete 1987 Demo LP BOOT

No Label.

 This was a cool idea (i know the band didn't think so), too bad the cover is terrible! Throw a photo on there, a picture of a bunny, anything!! This has the full 20 song demo, then 4 other rehearsal tracks, and for some reason a melvins song titled outro. Decent fold out poster sleeve with a bunch of flyers and lyrics inside. These are around if you look, shouldn't be hard to find one cheap.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

How They Poison The Young 10" BOOT

Ear Wax Records Limited to 500 copies

This was a cool bootleg at the time. There were some poor quality live videos floating around, and there was the phc flexi but this had a bunch of unreleased tracks. I remember ordering a few of these these directly from the bootlegger and it was a shady affair, but i got my records. They are all hand numbered on the back. The interview from No Answers zine is reprinted inside. Of course this boot was made obsolete by the official live lp. Although because of the crappy tape it was mastered off it is a bit more raw than the official release. These don't pop up that often anymore so the pressing info could be accurate.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Not Over Yet 7" BOOT

No Label

6 songs off the demo. Pretty nice looking sleeve for a bootleg. Comes on various colors and black vinyl. These were everywhere for years and don't go for anything these days, probably a ton pressed.

European bootleg of a bootleg. Pressed on Euro style vinyl, and the bootlegger tried to remove the blood splatters from the sleeve but did a piss poor job of it.

Recent bootleg from 2010(?). Some are on greyish/greenish vinyl and the covers are printed on various colors of paper, very poorly printed. This most likely came from the west coast since only a few distros and people selling them on ebay seem to have them and they are all in cali. Looks like they tried hard to find the worst copier in all of California and then used it. The one below actually looks good.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Sided Double 7" BOOT

No Label

What a fucking stupid bootleg. That said i own 2 copies of it. One record is the machismo 7", and the other record is just a one sided 7" with the songs from the phc flexi and a gross stencil on the other side. Who the hell thought it would be a quality use of time to spray paint every copy of this shitty bootleg?! Pixelated cover and insert booklet with interviews reprinted so small you can barely read em. One of my copies comes with 2 black 7"s and the printing is pretty clear compared to the copy with 1 red and 1 black 7" which looks like garbage. I have also seen copies of this with green stencils and copies that come with one white vinyl 7". The back is numbered out of 200 but i'm gonna guess there are more. Maybe 200 of each color combination. They don't pop up that often, but usually go for about $20.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1987 Demo 7" BOOT

Shiny Happy Records

I don't know why you would press a bootleg and only use one side of it. You obviously have the demo, fill up the other side. This has 3 songs off the demo hand numbered on the back out of a scant 152 copies. These don't pop up very often but i doubt there are only 152 of them. There are some copies with white sleeves that have the infest logos colored in with red marker. The back says first press Jan 93 but who really knows.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Slave 12" + 2nd 7" + Rehersal Trax LP BOOT

Sand Im Getriebe Records

German bootleg that comes in a thick booklet sleeve. Has lots of pages of stuff written in German that i can't read. I think this is their first vinyl bootleg. Was worth it for the rehearsal trax at the time but these are all over the internet now on various collections people have assembled. These rarely turn up but don't really go for anything.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dangerously Unstable CD COMP.

Suburban Voice #43

This cd came free with issue #43 of Al Quint's long running zine.

Reality Part #3 LP/CD COMP.


Another in the series of Reality comps put out by Deep Six. I no longer own a copy of this on cd or vinyl, don't know where it got off to. There are some good bands on this and there is some filler. Infest song is dead at birth. Its only featured on this comp and it's not really that good. Again this comes from the original 1995 session of NMS. There is colored vinyl for this as well. I've seen pictures of grey and orange marble vinyl.

Reality Part #2 LP/CD COMP.


Some late 90's heavyweights on this comp released by Deep Six Records. There are some on color vinyl but i don't own em. I seem to remember green, white, and black vinyl versions. Infest song is a demo version of cold inside. This is from the original 1995 session of NMS before it was revved up.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fear Of Smell Lp COMP.


A stone cold classic 90's compilation released on Vermiform records. This has some great and strange tracks. It also has one of my favorite Infest songs nothing's changed. I think there are 1000 of the original handmade sleeve. Check the great FEAR OF SMELL blog for over 100 different specimens. It was also repressed in the late 90's on lp and cd with a standard cover.

One of the best tracks on the comp, the Sam & Joe track, can be listened to on youtube. I was looking for the Brutality that is the Eric Wood track but i can't find it to link.