Friday, April 6, 2012

INFEST live Jan 6 1990 U-Gene's Bar Pico Rivera CA.

"So FUCKING manly!"

Thanks to Dan we now know where this is from and i found the flyer for ir. This has been floating around on the internet for a few years and figured i would add it here. I don't plan to put up mp3's of any actual releases but will add live sets when i come across them. If you have any others send them over. The recording sounds like it might be just a hair too fast. Lots of fuzzed out feeding back bass, an unreleased instrumental, some funny screams, and a cool slow mega mosh version of sick-o. Fetch the pliers is actually three or nothing. Again not a professional recording but I like the rawness of this set and have listened to it a bunch of times.

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  1. this set is @ U-gene's,pico rivera-CA 01-06-1990
    got a better version for you soon,will post soon!