Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So how was Infest?

Better than you could ever have dreamed they would be. Unless you are a moron you better get a ticket to Tejas or Miami. Every other show is sold out (200 tickets will be available day of show at the metro in Oakland) The LA show was beyond packed and they had to turn hundreds of people away. There are talks of a few other shows but nothing is definite and the band is saying this wont happen forever. Don't wait for them to come to your town because that probably ain't gonna happen.

Tejas 4 day passes On sale NOW!

Tejas Infest single show tickets(earth shattering lineup!)

See how good they are for yourself here in 4 parts...

Or one part in high def (some choppy cuts in this one) ECHO VIDEO

Some cool pictures here Unfun photo zine

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  1. www.archive.org/details/Infest-LiveEcho2013

    mp3/D.I.Y. tape version of the echo gig
    keep up the good work!