Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ride my Jet Skis, lounge under the palm trees.

There are 3 videos floating around from the Miami show. Here is the best one from the house cam/ soundboard. This show was a blast. People were going off. As always, Stage Potatoes fuck off!!

T shirts didn't show up in time for the show so they are available online for a short time. Get em here from the guy who booked the Miami show if you are quick. Speedfreak Events


  1. D.I.Y. tape version of the florida gig

    just remember...been a few years but i still miss my neos hassibah 7'',hope you take good care of it ;-0


  2. did i get the ratcage press from you? i'd been after that one for years just to have one of each press. THANKS!

  3. yeah it was the orig on ratcage,think we swapped it 9/10 yrs ago or something...

    che cafe audio up soon!

    take care