Tuesday, March 27, 2012

INFEST Live 2-4-1989 Garden Grove, CA

Brian, of Dropdead fame, was kind enough to rip and upload this rough and raw live set a few weeks ago. It was lurking on the b side of a demo tape he got from Matt in the late 80's. Of course this ain't no polished and professional live set. Its ugly, noisy and lo-fi. Not something you are gonna play everyday but its definitely worth a listen for a few hilarious screams (the one about 57 seconds in is worthy of repeating multiple times in a row) This show was the weekend before the live flexi was recorded. Tracked and labeled by Mike over at One Track To Hell



  1. Someone posted this straight from my blog, so please give credit where credit is do ! I recieved this set as 1 track from my friend who got it from your blog. I split all the tracks, and labeled the song titles. My friend from the UK found the flyer you posted as well. Please give some respect to my blog if you are going to post my work: http://onetracktohell.blogspot.com


    1. I offered to give credit which is why i commented on your blog and didnt just take it with no mention. Also the flyer is an original scan from a friend, not the one off your page which is much smaller. You should link the dropdead facebook page on your blog and give credit to the original source.

  2. I like your blog. I'm listening to this recording right now, it sounds pretty good. I have the Infest show in 1989 in Riverside and the 1990 in Anaheim on VHS. I don't know if you're able to use it. But keep up the great work

  3. not sure if i have those 2 shows. would love to get copies if you can copy them.