Sunday, March 11, 2012

S/T. Machismo. Where's The Unity? 7" EP

IF -001

The first ep. 10 songs of unrelenting power and aggression recorded in the spring of 1988. A BIG step up from the demo. These songs are from the same session used on the Slave LP but this 7" only has 10 of the tracks. A nice nod to DYS inscribed in the matrix.

Test Press: 4?

Got this in a message from Matt when i asked about tests: "I suppose 4 were made. We are not a band that made 10 or 20 tests. 4 guys = 4 tests." I have never seen one for sale or on a trade list. The photo below is of Matts copy currently in lockdown at his socal vault.

Press 1000 copies Black Vinyl

Sleeves and inserts were made when the band could steal copies in batches of 50-100, so the print quality and paper used can vary quite a bit. As with everything Infest there are ALWAYS variations. Some copies come with stickers, hand written dust sleeves, flyers, letters, etc. There may also be some sleeves and inserts out there on color paper. Years ago Erich from OTD sold a copy that had a red sleeve, and red insert. I seem to remember it going for some astronomical sum. And if you wanna nerd out even more, some have different things copied on the inside of the sleeve or the back of the insert (see photos near end of post) The scan below shows the B side label. If your's looks different you have a bootleg (more on that below).

LTD Color Vinyl

The colors are easy; clear and purple vinyl (slightly opaque). When i started collecting this stuff I heard there were 100 clear, and 100 purple and they came AFTER the black vinyl. Matt said "All colors of the 1st ep were done at the same time. The press amounts are foggy these days I think it was 1000 black, 100 purple, 60 clear." When Dave sold his stuff in the late 90's he claimed there were 113 copies on purple vinyl. My friend has a purple copy that is #107 so that makes sense. I have seen clear copies numbered in the high 80's. The back of the sleeve for both is different from the black vinyl. It has a draw blank logo added, a small white square where your copy will have its number, and press is changed from 1000 to 100. The clear copies i have seen come in a heavier card stock sleeve and have a live photo on the back of the insert with draw blank records in the bottom left corner. The purple copies have a thinner average photocopy paper sleeve and the live photo on the back looks a bit washed out. Insert is one sided. Lets just say 100 Clear 113 Purple give or take a few.

The clear copies have a nice thick flat edge, same with the black vinyl. The purple copies are a bit thinner and share pretty much the exact same color vinyl as the Confrontation demo 7" that was recorded in 1989 (not sure on the release date). BUT my purple copy has a letter inside from Matt dated 1/7/88 that says thanks for the order hope you like the 7". Thats before the 7" was even recorded unless he was using euro style dating. According to some collector heads who were around at the time they remember clear vinyl, but either remembered purple coming later or didn't even know it EXISTED. So basically who knows? There are about 100 of each and when they pop up these days they both go for big money. If you have one, be happy and go for a bike ride. If you want one start selling your blood.

Purple Confrontation, Purple Infest. Pretty close eh?

Random insert/ sleeve backs, color vinyl with schmutz in it....

BOOTLEG / ??? Pressed / Black Vinyl

As with any bootleg no one knows how many were made except the bootlegger. At least they were not trying to pass this off as an original. They made some changes to the b side label, and the back of the sleeve. The sleeves are printed on cardstock. There are 2 different backs, which may indicate they pressed it twice.

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