Sunday, May 13, 2012

Complete 1987 Demo LP BOOT

No Label.

 This was a cool idea (i know the band didn't think so), too bad the cover is terrible! Throw a photo on there, a picture of a bunny, anything!! This has the full 20 song demo, then 4 other rehearsal tracks, and for some reason a melvins song titled outro. Decent fold out poster sleeve with a bunch of flyers and lyrics inside. These are around if you look, shouldn't be hard to find one cheap.


  1. I think most of the copies you see of this now are represses, possibly by a different bootlegger. I didn't see it about so much for a while, then it started to appear in distros again a few years ago.

    I reckon the melvins outro was on the tape this was mastered from rather than added by the bootlegger.

  2. The re-booter should have changed the cover. Wish the band would officially release it in a nice looking jacket with some extra rehearsals.