Saturday, May 12, 2012

How They Poison The Young 10" BOOT

Ear Wax Records Limited to 500 copies

This was a cool bootleg at the time. There were some poor quality live videos floating around, and there was the phc flexi but this had a bunch of unreleased tracks. I remember ordering a few of these these directly from the bootlegger and it was a shady affair, but i got my records. They are all hand numbered on the back. The interview from No Answers zine is reprinted inside. Of course this boot was made obsolete by the official live lp. Although because of the crappy tape it was mastered off it is a bit more raw than the official release. These don't pop up that often anymore so the pressing info could be accurate.


  1. pls do you know where it was made ? otherwise from where fif you order it ?

  2. Don't remember the specific country i got em from, its been a long time. I've seen some on discogs and ebay recently. About $20-30